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IIOT Solutions

IIOT & IOT in Lahore Pakistan
IOT in Lahore Pakistan
IOT in lahore
ndustrial Internet of things in Lahore
IIOT Solutions

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is an exciting advancement in the accessibility of data and connectivity to historically untapped systems, areas or processes. IIoT solutions drive towards a truly connected world where data from low cost sensors and control platforms is available to consume across ever-expanding communication platforms (Ethernet, Bluetooth, cellular, satellite, etc.). IIoT leverages the powerful foundations of cloud computing, analytics and secure universal access to the benefit of the end user.

For manufacturers this new access allows for previously hard to gather or cost prohibitive data to be mined, leveraged and subsequently acted upon in the form of control and information integration, advanced diagnostic alerts or real time issue resolution. Malik Automation provides IIoT solutions that allow value add and ROI for our customers in areas that not were previously considered. Be it the most simplistic IIoT application where cost effective Ethernet sensors and Wi-Fi devices feed an existing Historian to provide more robust, rich and extended context to report and act against; or complex IIoT solutions that leverage edge devices, Ethernet camera systems, advanced quality control algorithms and integration of existing control / HMI systems to allow for significant and foolproof OEE improvement, Malik Automation is able to make IIoT a reality for manufacturing.

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